Hydroquinone cream for psoriasis

Psoriasis is a very common skin problem. This is a disease that happens to unprotected skin. It is generally marked by scaly, red and itchy patches on the skin. There are a lot of skin treatments which are really effective on psoriasis. With good dermatological help it is really easy to get rid of psoriasis. But something that is not that easy to get rid is the brown marks that psoriasis imparts on our skin.

Why does psoriasis scar

The problem is that all these skin stimuli like psoriasis tend to excite the enzyme tyrosinese which is the most essential component that helps in melanin production. Hence the melanin production increases. Melanin, being the color pigment of our skin, darkens the skin tone as result. Hence, the marks become evident and refuse to go at all.

How to get rid of scars from psoriasis

The hydroquinone creams work perfectly on psoriasis marks though hydroquinone cream for psoriasis does not play any role to treat psoriasis. Hydroquinone is a certain component which hinders the secretion of tyrosinese. As a result melanin production also stops. Hence, the skin color gets lightened and whitened. The mark of psoriasis can also be removed this way.


We must always remember that hydroquinone cream for psoriasis should be used with a break and in a controlled way to avoid side effects. There are many types of hydroquinone creams. The ones with more than 2% concentration requires doctor’s approval and using them without doctor’s permission can be really dangerous. The over the counter creams should also be used with control.

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