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Where can i buy hydroquinone cream in Canada

Dark spots are known to be irritating for many individuals. But there is a solution to this problem that can get rid of dark spots and make you look better through safe skin lightening treatments. If you want to lighten your skin, here is what you can do:-

Over the counter creams are popular – They are in demand. It can help you brighten your skin color without having to go to extremes. The cream consists of glycolic acid and alpha hydroxyl acids. They have a modest benefit, through retinol containing products that can also help. Read the product label to see if they have the ingredients.

Prescribed skin lightening products – if you are not happy with over the counter medications or skin related creams, try prescription drugs. Use sunscreen that will act as a sun block. Dr. Barankin says that sunscreen is essential component of hydroquinone or other prescription therapy and must be reviewed through doctors and dermatologists. The cream has been banned in France and is currently under review by the FDA for cancer causing properties.

Dermatologists prescribe formulas – for more rigorous products, talk to a dermatologist about the Kligman’s formula Dr. Barankin recommends solage for brown spots on the face.

Procedures for smooth and even skin tone – physician grade chemicals peels can help to even out your skin. Lasers or pulsating light agents can also be used for removing layers of pigmentation.

Specialized procedures – liquid nitrogen cryotherpay can be used by dermatologist to remove the brown lesions, lentigo and raised brown lesions.

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