Ambi Hydroquinone cream

Ambi bleaching cream hydroquinone

Ambi bleaching cream hydroquinone

The Ambi Hydroquinone cream is a widely sought after skin care product used for skin bleaching. It is also known as the Ambi Fade Cream and currently an effective treatment for reducing sun spots, freckles and other visible forms of skin darkening. This product is also known in the market for reducing age lines. This is the reason why people are attracted to this product when they are look for a flawless and radiant complexion. The results of this product are quick and can be made visible in just two weeks. This is true for a small number of users but it can really be misleading to a large number of consumers in the market.

How does the Ambi hydroquinone cream work

The Ambi hydroquinone cream has an effective formula that includes the ingredients and has components like Octinoxate, alpha hydroxyl and Vitamin E. The most active ingredient in this product is hydroquinone. This ingredient takes up about 2% of the formulation along with Octinoxate. Both these ingredients take up most of the formula.

Is the Ambi hydroquinone cream safe for use?

For many decades there have been many cosmetic products and other skin care products with hydroquinone till the ingredient was banned in 2001 because of its dangerous side effects. It is very promising to lighten your skin but its long term repercussions are very dangerous. This ingredient has elements that cause cancer in the body. The product also promotes the occurrence of hydroquinone pigmentation and it is also linked to other skin disorders like blood diseases, skin thickening and darkening like ochronosis and abnormalities in the adrenal gland.

Octinoxate also works like a sunscreen that blocks the UVB rays of the sun. This ingredient is often found in sunscreens mainly because of its instability when exposed to the rays of the sun. This instability means that the ingredient turns into the Z-octyl-p-methoxy that does not have the ability to absorb the UV rays effectively. The ingredient can be absorbed directly by the skin and the ingredient leads to reproductive and developmental toxicity. This is the reason why it is not suited for pregnant women and lactating mothers. Children should avoid taking this product.

The Ambi hydroquinone cream can only be used by people that have normal skin and not be people that have sensitive skin. The entire list of its ingredients is not totally disclosed mainly for its potential negative side effects. This also casts doubt on the reliability of the product. There are many people that have received positive results after using this cream. However, it is recommended that a skin sensitivity test be made in order to determine whether the product suits you or not. There may be side effects in the form of swelling in the face, eyes and tongue. There can be mild irritation and rashes. If they persist, you should contact a doctor immediately.  When you are using the Ambi hydroquinone cream, you should avoid it coming in contact with your eyes. In case, contact takes place, you should rinse your eyes completely.

Does hydroquinone cream cause acne?