Hydroquinone cream while breastfeeding

Is hydroquinone safe for face while breastfeeding

Hydroquinone is a sin cream that bleaches your skin and inhibits the body’s ability to create melanin. It is a bleaching agent that minimizes brown spots but inhibits new ones from developing further. It is a C class drug that means it can cause harm to the fetus in some way. But there has been no human studies conducted that shows the side effects of the developing baby.

It is not yet known if the medications will clear the use of topical hydroquinone will pass through your breast milk. And if it does, it’s unclear if there would be any harm to your baby. But then again there might be some harm to your infant if you are using the cream now and then. This might include difficulty in breathing, face swelling, tongue, throat, lips and hives too.

Although there has not been much research done on whether the baby should be breastfed while you have been using the cream remains unclear. The reference might be because of the lack of medical studies. Hydroquinone being one of the most common skin bleaching agent, absorb topical are poorly absorbed through the skin and never really attain any kind of plasma levels in mom; thus they never end up in the milk. This is actually the case of hydroquinone and is a skin absorption in animals.

Skin cream and lotions include containing alpha hydroxyl acids is not a problem for breast feeding moms. Most of them are kept away from the nipple area so that the baby won’t swallow it. Make sure the baby does not get it inside their mouth.

Hydroquinone Cream is safe during pregnancy?” and “Hydroquinone Cream Watsons

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