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When it comes to reducing or removing appearance of freckles, age spots and various skin discolorations hydroquinone cream Watsons is the notable one. This cream is very effective in reducing the hyperpigmentation in skin and makes it lighter. This hydroquinone cream is sold on the Internet or in drug stores. The over-the-counter hydroquinone creams usually have about 2% concentration of hydroquinone. On the other hand, prescription formulations consist of about 4% concentration. Although hydroquinone cream Watsons is very effective in making visible changes to your skin tone after applying for 4 weeks, hydroquinone is banned in various countries. It is believed that hydroquinone may cause cancer and permanent skin discoloration.

The users should always perform a spot test for skin sensitivity when using the cream for first time. For this they should apply a small quantity of cream to any unbroken portion of the skin and leave it for 24 hours. The users should avoid the cream if their skin develops any adverse reactions in the form of blisters, itches, and skin discoloration. The affected areas should be cleansed properly before applying hydroquinone cream Watsons into them. After using this cream, the users should clean their hands properly to prevent any contact with nose, mouth, eyes and other sensitive areas.

Hydroquinone creams usually consist of sulfites, which are responsible for causing allergic reactions. The asthmatics are the ones who tend to suffer more from allergic reactions. Both the nursing and pregnant women should connect with their dermatologists or physicians before applying this product.

Hydroquinone cream vs Retin A

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