Hydroquinone cream vs Retin A

What is Retin-A

Retia-A is a kind of vitamin that helps to renew skin. It is a form of tretinoin that helps to treat acne. It is used to remove wrinkles and skin discoloration as well. It also helps to make the skin supple and smooth.

How to use Retin-A

You should apply a cream with Retin-A every alternate day for better results. It should be applied for about 2to 3 weeks at the night time. You should preferable use it before going to sleep. It helps to prepare the skin for chemical peeling. It also helps in the process of healing after peeling. You can experience a mild tingling at the first week of using the project. However if the burning sensation sustains then you should discontinue the product. It is also advised to use moisturizer on the affected area if the burning sensation sustains.

Directions for applying Retin-A

You should clear the area with soap or mild alcohol free cleanser. You should dry area after cleaning it. You should at least wait for about 10 minutes before applying Retina-A in the affected area. It is often seen that wet skin quickly absorbs the skin which may cause irritation later on.


Hydroquinone is a skin lightening agent that is used for treating blemishes, freckles, hyper pigmentation etc. Generally 2% of hydroquinone is used in the skin lightening creams.

Hydroquinone Cream Vs Retin A

 Hydroquinone cream is applied twice daily to have better results. It is applied in the morning before going out. In the evening it should be applied after the use of Retin A. However it is advisable to stop using hydroquinone cream 2 to 6 weeks before the procedure. Hydroquinone cream should be used if you are into Obagi program.

Hydroquinone cream, gel, or solution

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