Hydroquinone Cream Side Effects

What are the side effects of hydroquinone cream

Skin lightening creams have been here for decades and they play a positive role for doing away with blemishes and making the skin light. This is one of the primary reasons why people use these creams especially for enhancing beauty. It is true that some side effects of the cream take place and this article focuses on the danger of using this cream for prolonged periods.

Hydroquinone Cream Side Effects

Dangers of using hydroquinone cream

All medicines have some sort of side effects or the other and when you are using hydroquinone cream, you will notice that some people may or may not suffer from these side effects.  Some of the side effects are bothersome and some may persist.  The possible hydroquinone cream side effects are as follows-

There is the possibility of cracking of the skin when it is applied around the nose and the eyes. Some people also experience minor redness or a mild sensation of burning when the cream is applied on the affected area. When these mild and severe reactions occur, you should immediately consult a doctor.There is also the possibility of some severe allergic reactions.

  • difficulty in breathing
  • hives, rash
  • tightness in the chest, face, lips or tongue swelling
  • blue black darkening of the skin tone
  • stinging or irritation.

There are also the dangers of using hydroquinone cream for over six months.You will find that hydroquinone is an active and effective ingredient that is found in many skin cream compositions. It is an agent that bleaches the skin and the enzyme reactions that take place in the skin cells are generally blocked by this product. This results in the slowing down of the creations of melanin. The color of our skin is derived from the melanin pigment. Hydroquinone ensures that the dark skin is lightened. There are instances where darkening of the skin is caused by age spots, cholasma, freckles and melasma. medical healthcare professionals and doctors may use hydroquinone for any of the other reasons other than those that have been mentioned above.

Hydroquinone cream is currently facing a ban in Europe mainly because of the dangers that are associated with it. Till 2001, products that have about 2% hydroquinone were available in the nation legally. Perceptions about the cream changed when the dangers of the cream were discovered.

Hydroquinone is dangerous as it contains mercury. Hydroquinone results in severe damage to the kidney and liver. There are some people that may also suffer from skin disfigurations when they use hydroquinone. This skin discoloration is called ochnronosis. There is also the occurrence of gray spots that occur when the skin becomes thick and dark. There is also a possibility that after you have stopped using this product, the melanin cells in the body that are suppressed have the possibility of going haywire and this results in more pigmentation.

This is the reason why if you wish to use hydroquinone creams on your skin, you should opt for products that have very low concentrations. You can eradicate the possibility of side effects when you are using creams that have very high concentrations of this product.

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