Hydroquinone cream prescription

Hydroquinone – an overview

Hydroquinone is a chemical compound that is used to treat various skin problems. Uneven skin tones can be improved with the help of hydroquinone creams. Hydroquinone prescription is provided by the doctors in case of treatment for de-pigmentation.

Hydroquinone cream is generally found with the prescription. It is usually not provided through the counter or websites as it is banned in several countries of the world. However there are few websites and counters that sales hydroquinone cream for the benefit of the user.

With the excessive use of the hydroquinone cream, it is possible to develop problems like ochronosis. It is a kind of ugly rash that creates blue and black spots in the affected area. It is often thicker in density. It is a painful affair to go through ochronosis. Therefore it is better to consult with the doctor in order to use hydroquinone cream.  Hydroquinone cream prescription is given by the doctor to cure various problems of skin.

Hydroquinone cream is effective for various skin problems of the normal skin type. However it cause skin problem in other kind of skin tone. Without hydroquinone prescription you may become prone to various skin diseases. Cancerous cells are also activated with hydroquinone cream with the concentration more than 4 %. It is prescribed to use a hydroquinone cream with the concentration of 2 %.

The need of hydroquinone cream prescription

There are various kinds of skin conditions in case of which hydroquinone cream is prescribed. It is mainly used for cosmetic reasons. It is used for hyper pigmentation and hypo pigmentation. It is generally used as a bleaching agent to have a uniform skin tone.  It also helps to reduce the production of melanin. Due to excessive sun exposure extra melanin is created in the body. Melanin creates various skin problems. Therefore it is better to consult with the doctor before using hydroquinone cream.

It is better to get hydroquinone cream prescription to have a psychological benefit. Various risks are associated with the hydroquinone cream as well. In order to get rid of these risks it is better to use prescribed medicines. Doctors generally prescribe hydroquinone with a concentration of 2 %. However there are also doctors who prescribe hydroquinone with 4 % concentration. It is generally done according to the need of the patient. It helps to increase the effectiveness of the cream.

Hydroquinone prescription is one of the reasons to keep the product in the market. Doctor’s prescription gives an authenticity to the product. There are various bleaches available in the market that uses harmful chemicals. These harmful bleaches without prescription completely whiten the skin. It usually creates patches in the skin and develops further problems of uneven skin tone.

Skin bleaching creams without prescription

It is possible to get hydroquinone creams without prescription. You can order online in order to acquire hydroquinone cream. Hydroquinone free skin creams are available over the counter. It is generally made with arbutin, kogic acid, glycolic acid and sepiwhite FSH. Even Vitamin C can be used in the skin lightening cream as well.

Hydroquinone cream over the counter

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