Hydroquinone cream or lemon juice

Hydroquinone cream Vs. lemon juice

If you are already using hydroquinone on your face and skin, you are well advised not to use the both together. This might cause the skin to have reactions. The combination might cause your skin that could lead to skin pigmentation in certain areas. Lemon is best for clearing blemishes and should not be used on its own. They have tried the recipe and found it to be quite effective. You can mix two teaspoons of honey, I teaspoon lemon juice pinch of salt and turmeric. You can also apply the mixture to clean your face before getting to bed at night. After that use your usual moisturizer to smoothen it out.

Mixing acids are never recommended unless you are a pharmacist and a dermatologist. You face is not the place to experiment with chemicals. You can mix hydroquinone and 4% and glycolic acid safely. You will see results within 2 weeks. Refrain from using lemon on your face. It is known that lemon will further darken you skin on the face and make it look like a patchy and darkened skin. There are tons of solutions that you can find on the internet. If you want professional help, talk to a skin expert on what the side effects would be if you used lemon instead of any other product like the hydroquinone.

The Hydroquinone and the lemon juice is not a good combination. It might cause some skin irritations as you may find your skin to be darker within a few weeks. So lemon is absolutely a no-no for your face.

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