Hydroquinone cream for PIH

PIH or Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation is one of the most annoying skin problems. During summer or sun burn in the skin we sometimes acquire different kinds of skin inflammation. Though we manage to get rid of those, but the spots are too stubborn to go away easily. These affect our skin like anything.

The reason behind the spots

The skin pigment melanin is created by an enzyme named tyrosinese. If our skin is harmed by inflammation, it excites the tyrosinese secretion even more. For an increased tyrosinese secretion even melanin production increases at the same time. This results in darkened patches on our skin. As melanin is a skin pigment only, these marks refuse to vanish easily.

Hydroquinone is a solution

Hydroquinone is a component that can easily stop the secretion of tyrosinese. As a result even melanin production stops in our skin. This helps our skin to have a lightened skin tone. Due to skin whitening, even the spots on the skin get removed. Hyper-pigmentation can be dealt with hydroquinone’s whitening formula.

Hydroquinone cream types

If you are interested in using hydroquinone cream for PIH or Post inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation the first thing that you need to remember is to consult your doctor. If you are applying the hydroquinone cream on your skin at the first stage of this problem, it is recommended to use one who has 2% concentration of hydroquinone. These creams are available over the counter. However, if the problems are more complex, it is recommended to use a hydroquinone cream for PIH with a 4% concentration. This needs doctor’s prescription.

Hydroquinone cream for oily skin

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