Hydroquinone cream for hyperpigmentation

Post acne hyperpigmentation

After your skin becomes able to get rid of acne, you can notice some small brown or dark pink spots on your skin. These are called PIH or Post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. This medical term is used to denote the discoloration that occurs on your skin. It is basically the natural response of your skin to the inflammatory wound that you acquire after acne.

PIH identification

PIH looks like a flat skin area which has been discolored. It is quite similar to macule, discolored flat skin area, and ranges from red to pink, brown, purple or even black, depending upon the discoloration depth and your skin tone.

When does PIH develop

PIH takes place when skin inflammation is caused by any wound, pimple, rash or any other skin stimuli like acne. This inflammation triggers the melanin production. Excess melanin darkens the area which is wounded by acne.

Hydroquinone cream for Hyper-pigmentation

Hydroquinone cream is used widely to treat acne hyper-pigmentation. The Hydroquinone cream for acne hyper-pigmentation could be of two types- the ones with 1% or 2% concentration are sold over-the-counter whereas creams with 3% or 4% concentration are sold only against a proper prescription.

Hydroquinone cream for acne hyper-pigmentation basically blocks the enzyme which is responsible for producing melanin in our skin. This helps lightening our skin tone.

Often the Hydroquinone creams for acne hyper-pigmentation contain some additional ingredients like tretinoin, glycolic acid, kojic acid and other retinoids, even vitamin C for lighting the skin appearance in the acne affected spaces.

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