Hydroquinone cream for age spots

If a survey is made among the aged population of the world, the problem which will turn out to be agitating most skin problem is wrinkles. But another skin aging problem cannot be overlooked as it has gained the second most priority in the list. It is the problem of age spots.

What exactly are age spots

Age spots are nothing but hyper-pigmentation in the skin. While the skin acquires age and becomes unable to produce immunity against pollution, it acquires more of skin irritations and ignitions. As a result, these stimulate the enzyme, tyrosinase, which is responsible for the production of melanin. Melanin, the pigment in our skin, determines the skin complexion of a person. The more melanin is produced the darker our skin tone becomes. This is the reason why the aged people always face the trouble of having dark, age spots on the face and in other visible places of our body.

Hydroquinone Cream for Age Spots

The beauty products and the medicated solution of these aging problems basically focus on reducing the melanin production in order to lighten the skin tone. Hydroquinone is the ingredient which helps in this case immensely. With the help of hydroquinone cream age spots get vanished. The cream hinders the secretion of tyrosinase and hence the melanin production also faces hindrances. This is how less amount of melanin is produced and skin tone becomes lighter and lighter clearing the age spots.

It is advisable to use over the counter hydroquinone cream for age spots removal.

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