Hydroquinone cream acne scars , acne marks

Effects hydroquinone creams on acne scars and acne marks

We can see many types of hydroquinone cream around us. These are basically medicated creams differing on the basis of their concentration. These types of hydroquinone cream are generally used to fight acne scars and acne marks. The creams, which have a 2% hydroquinone concentration or lesser than that, are generally available over the counter. If you want to go for a stronger version, you must require a doctor’s prescription.

How hydroquinone cream works on acne scars and marks

To be precise, hydroquinone cream refers to the medicated way of bleaching your skin gradually through the inhibition of tyrosinase, an enzyme. This enzyme is very essential in producing melanin. Melanin refers to the skin pigment which determines our complexion. Melanin is also pretty useful in absorbing the UV radiation of the sun. Hydroquinone cream inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase, and hence melanin production would decrease, making the skin appearance lighter in the area attacked by acne scars or acne marks.

Due to the huge de-pigmentation effects, many use hydroquinone cream to treat various other skin conditions as well.

Medicinal Precautions

Hydroquinone cream is a known medicine that helps in removing skin spots that one acquire owing to acne attack. It is really important that you take necessary precautions before you start any hydroquinone cream skin care regimen. You should always seek for a doctor’s advice in order to be sure whether your skin is perfectly fit for using this cream. The same is recommended for even an over the counter version. You should remember that melanin is a very useful pigment of human body. Only a doctor would be able to understand the proper balance of it.

Does hydroquinone cream cause acne

Some people do show signs of reaction while using hydroquinone cream. One of the common side effects is acne too. It varies from people to people.

Can I use hydroquinone cream after its expiration date?

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