Hydroquinone Cream 4%

Hydroquinone cream 4% – Description

Hydroquinone is an agent used for skin bleaching. This cream is used for lightening dark skin. It is prescribed for the treatment of freckles, age spots, chloasma and scars left by acne.  In some nations like New Zealand, hydroquinone can only be obtained by pharmacies alone. If the concentration of hydroquinone is below 2% the product can be bought as a medicine. There are some pharmaceutical brands that sell hydroquinone concentration products up to 4%.

How does Hydroquinone 4% work

Hydroquinone reduces the production and enhances the breakdown of melanin pigment granules that are called melanosomes in the pigment cells of the skin known as melanocytes. The ingredient inhibits the work of tyrosinase that is the enzyme required to make melanin.

Hydroquinone cream 4% – Effects

Hydroquinone works on the skin and the lightening of the skin after 4 weeks. The effects of hydroquinone may take longer for some cases. If there are no improvements after three months of application, you should discontinue the use of the product.

For enhancing the effectiveness of hydroquinone, you should stay away from the sun or use protective clothing. After the application of hydroquinone, you should not go near sun lamps or tanning salons.

It is very important for you to note that hydroquinone should be used on a regular basis till you get the desired results. After you have received the desired results you should stop using the product. Its use should be stopped after you have received the desired results.

How to apply hydroquinone 4% cream

The following should be done before you apply hydroquinone 4%–

  • You should take a skin sensitivity test. Take some cream and apply it to the skin that is hyperpigmented. If there is no itching or redness in 24 hours, you can commence with the treatment.
  • Before application of the product, you should clean and dry the skin properly. You should apply a thin layer of the cream at two times in a day to the affected areas. The cream should be rubbed into the affected area well.
  • When you are applying hydroquinone cream, ensure you apply just enough to cover the affected areas of the skin. You should not apply the cream on to normal skin. This will make the skin lighter. After application, you should wash your hands well. If you have to apply the cream to your hands, you should not wash your hands.
  • When you are using hydroquinone cream, you should apply the cream near mucous membranes, eyes and mouth.
  • When you are applying hydroquinone cream, ensure you do not use medicated topical creams or products that have peroxide on the affected areas unless prescribed by your doctor.
  • When you are about to use cosmetics that are non-medicated like sunscreens and moisturizing lotions, you should apply hydroquinone cream first. After waiting for some minutes, you should apply the non-medicated products over them.

Therefore, when you are using Hydroquinone cream 4% products, you should keep the above in mind for getting effective results.

An overview on hydroquinone

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