How to get rid of Melasma

Melasma Hydroquinone Cream

Melasma is referred to the skin discoloration or the occurrence of blue-gray spots or brown tan on the face. This skin condition is common in women in their reproductive years i.e. when they are 20-50 years old. Generally three location patterns (viz. jawline, cheekbone and central face) characterize melasma. Normally hormonal changes, genetic predisposition, and excessive exposure to sun are believed to be the main causes of melasma.

For ages, melasma hydroquinone cream has been prescribed by doctors for treating melasma effectively. The chemical hydroquinone is offered in different forms like liquid, gel, lotion, and cream. It is very effective against melasma, especially epidermal melasma. Hydroquinone prevents the enzymatic activity of tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is the enzyme which helps in the production of melanin.

When certain medications like glycolic acid and corticosteroids are combined with large concentrations of hydroquinone, you get the best results. When treating melasma, these triple formulations prove to be the most effective. One such melasma hydroquinone cream is Tri-Luma. This prescription cream includes a perfect combination of fluocinolene acetonide, tretinoin, and 4 percent hydroquinone. This is the only triple-combination cream which is used to treat melasma and has been approved by FDA. However, people should not use this product for longer than 2 months. This should also be avoided if pregnant or breastfeeding.

People can also opt for the over the counter melasma hydroquinone creams which contain small quantities of hydroquinone. Some of the popular hydroquinone creams like Porcelana and Esoterica can be easily purchased from drug stores. However, these products are less effective than the prescription cream, which consists of higher dosage of hydroquinone.

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