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When it comes to reducing or removing appearance of freckles, age spots and various skin discolorations hydroquinone cream Watsons is the notable one. This cream is very effective in reducing the hyperpigmentation in skin and makes it lighter. This hydroquinone cream is sold on the Internet or in drug stores. The over-the-counter hydroquinone creams usually have about 2% concentration of hydroquinone. On the other hand, prescription formulations consist of about 4% concentration. Although hydroquinone cream Watsons is very effective in making visible changes to your skin tone after applying for 4 weeks, hydroquinone is banned in various countries. It is believed that hydroquinone may cause cancer and permanent skin discoloration.

The users should always perform a spot test for skin sensitivity when using the cream for first time. For this they should apply a small quantity of cream to any unbroken portion of the skin and leave it for 24 hours. The users should avoid the cream if their skin develops any adverse reactions in the form of blisters, itches, and skin discoloration. The affected areas should be cleansed properly before applying hydroquinone cream Watsons into them. After using this cream, the users should clean their hands properly to prevent any contact with nose, mouth, eyes and other sensitive areas.

Hydroquinone creams usually consist of sulfites, which are responsible for causing allergic reactions. The asthmatics are the ones who tend to suffer more from allergic reactions. Both the nursing and pregnant women should connect with their dermatologists or physicians before applying this product.

Hydroquinone cream vs Retin A

Hydroquinone cream Obagi Nu-Derm

Hydroquinone Cream Obagi Nu-Derm

What is Hydroquinone Cream Obagi Nu-Derm?

The skin whitening hydroquinone cream Obagi Nu-Derm consists of the active cosmetic ingredient hydroquinone. This chemical compound is derived from benzene and is soluble in both alcohol and water. The compound has a molecular weight of 110.11 g/mol and is also known as p-dihydroxybenzene.

Constituents of Hydroquinone Cream Obagi Nu-Derm

A single gram of hydroquinone cream obagi Nu-Derm Clear has Hydroquinone USP 40mg with a base of butylparaben, propylparaben, BHT, methylparaben, disodium EDTA, saponins, lactic acid, sodium metabisulfite, ascorbic acid, tocopheryl acetate, staeryl alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, and purified water.

A single gram of hydroquinone cream obagi Nu-Derm Blender has Hydroquinone USP 40mg with a base of propylparaben, BHT, disodium EDTA, saponins, methylparaben, ascorbic acid, sodium metabisulfite, tocopheryl acetate, phenyl trimethicone, lactic acid, TEA salicylate, sodium lauryl sulfate, PPG-2 myristyl-ether propionate, cetyl alcohol, glycerin, and purified water.

A single gram of hydroquinone cream obagi Nu-Derm Sunfader has Hydroquinone USP 40mg, Oxybenzone USP 5.5% and Octinoxate USP 7.5% with a base of butylparaben, BHT, propylparaben, saponins, methylparaben, disodium EDTA, sodium metabisulfite, ascorbic acid, tocopheryl acetate, stearyl alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, and purified water.

Hydroquinone Cream Obagi Nu-Derm Uses

This hydroquinone cream is topically applied to suppress the melanocyte metabolic processes and also to prevent tyrosine’s oxidation to form 3, 4-dihydroxyphenylalanine. The cream is very effective in reversing the depigmentation of the skin. Obagi Nu-Derm Sunfader has sunscreen agents or sunblocking agents which can effectively prevent repigmentation of bleached areas of the skin. The repigmentation is normally caused due to overexposure to ultraviolet light or sunlight.

Obagi Nu-Derm: Usage and Indications

This cream is ideally suited for gradual bleaching of the hyperpigmented skin conditions like senile lentigines, freckles, melasma, chloasma, or other unwanted melanin hyperpigmentation.

Obagi hydroquinone side effects – Warnings

People having allergic reactions or sensitivity to the ingredients of this product should avoid using it. Also the safety of usage of this product in children (under 12 years) or during pregnancy has not yet been established.

If not used in the manner prescribed by the physician, the hydroquinone cream can cause unwanted cosmetic effects. Before dispensing or prescribing the product the physician must be aware of the constituents of this cream.

People should test for sensitivity of their skin before using the product. They should apply a small quantity of the product to any unbroken patch of their skin and verify within 24 hours. People should not get worried if there is minor redness. However, if there is excessive inflammatory response or vesicle formation or itching, people should consult their physician and discontinue the product. The patients should be kept under close medical supervision. Direct contacts with lips, mouth, nose, and eyes should be avoided.

The product as mentioned above contains sodium metabisulfite, which may trigger allergic-type reactions. The allergic reactions may include severe asthmatic episodes and anaphylactic symptoms in susceptible people. Sensitivity of sulfite and its prevalence in people are rare and relatively unknown. The asthmatic people are more prone to sulfite sensitivity than the nonasthmatic people.

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Nadinola fade cream

Hydroquinone Cream Nadinola

What is Nadinola bleaching cream?

In the recent times, the popularity and reputation of skin whitening or lightening creams have increased greatly because of the occurrence of skin discolorations and dark spots due to hormonal contraceptives, pregnancy, freckles, sun exposure, and aging. Hydroquinone cream Nadinola is one such reputed brand which is manufactured in USA. This skin lightening cream is now popular among every woman who wants to have an even-toned and smooth complexion. This hydroquinone cream is very effective in evening out the skin tone and also in getting rid of dark spots and skin pigmentations. Its active ingredients help to improve your skin conditions and also whiten your skin. It provides you with a soft, smooth and radiant skin.

Nadinola fade cream ingredients

As the name suggests the cream has Hydroquinone 3 percent as its chief constituent. Along with hydroquinone there are other ingredients like propylparaben, methylparaben, sodium metabisulfite, citric acid, stearamidopropyl dimethylamine, propylene glycol, laureth-23, oleth-20, glyceryl stearate, decyl oleate, stearyl alcohol, mineral oil, water and fragrance.

Hydroquinone is actually the organic compound which is derived from benzene. The compound has a molecular weight of 110.11 g/mol and is soluble in both alcohol and water. This chemical compound is also known as p-dihydroxybenzene. This chemical compound is marketed in various forms like soaps, lotions, gels, and creams for “whitening” or “lightening” the skin.

Although hydroquinone is actively used in these skin whitening creams, it is considered harmful when used persistently for longer periods. Due to the harmful side effects, the use of hydroquinone is banned in various countries. The FDA is also looking to ban the chemical in the U.S. Hydroquinone has been shown to produce cancer in rats. It is also associated with thickening and darkening of skin in humans due to ochronosis.

How to apply Nadinola fade cream

If you possess sensitive skin, you should test a small quantity of the cream by applying it inside the elbow and leave it overnight. Adults and children over 12 years may use the product by applying it twice per day to the affected areas. It is generally advised to wear protective clothing and use sunscreen when going outside to avoid maximum exposure to ultraviolet light or sunlight.

Nadinola fade cream side effects – Warnings

  • The product should only be used for external parts of the body.
  • It should not be used on broken or inflamed skin.
  • This product can cause mild irritation when used regularly.
  • Direct contact with the eyes should be avoided. You should rinse with water if contact occurs.
  • If the skin becomes darkened with a blue/black coloration you should consult a doctor.
  • If pregnant or nursing, you should consult a doctor before using this cream.

Benefits of Hydroquinone Cream Nadinola

  • There are many satisfied and happy customers who recommend using the hydroquinone cream Nadinola.
  • This product is very affordable.
  • Hydroquinone along with other effective skin lightening ingredients is included in the product.

Buy Nadinola online

This product can be easily availed at a price of $7 for one 2.25 ounce jar. For purchasing this product you can visit your nearest store or you can buy from the online stores like Amazon, Walmart and CVS.

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Hydroquinone cream Michael Jackson

How did michael jackson lighten his skin

michael jackson light skin

Michael Jackson used Hydroquinone and Benoquin like creams to achieve whiteness or becoming pale skinned after application regularly from time to time. He also underwent a lot of whitening procedures that make him look what he was. The results were phenomenal, but never good in the long run. His apartment was searched with search warrants obtained from Entertainment tonight that reveals that at this time of his death, there were several Hydroquinone and Benoquin that were used by him was found in the closet hidden by Michael himself. There were 19 tubes of hydroquinone and 18 tubes of benoquin, both of which were used in the process of whitening skin in treatment of vitiligo.

He has been known to suffer for vitiligo a disease that causes loss of skin pigmentation over time. The daily mail notes that among the effects of Jackson were up for auction were also the prescription medication that contained hydroquinone, a chemical that was used to lighten skin. Jackson’s condition has been natural though. Michael Jackson was bleaching his skin for cosmetic purposes including undergoing several plastic surgeries that made him change while he was young and vibrant as he used to be. The hydroquinone was a treatment purpose for vitiligo. So he might have said the truth when he claimed about his skin condition. Vitiligo results in white patches in to the skin as hydroquinone can be used to treat his skin disease. It helps in bleaching out the skin to balance his skin color and looks, but ended up looking ghastly.

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Hydroquinone cream Melalite Forte cream

Melalite Forte cream

The use of the melalite forte cream Eldopaque Forte and Generic Hydroquinone includes the Melalite, forte that is manufactured by Nicholas Piramal India Limited. This cream is used to lighten you skin or fade it and make it whiter.  If you have dark patches, it might work well on them to lighten your dark patches of the skin that can be caused by pregnancy, birth control pills, hormone medications, or injury to the skin. The medicine works by blocking the process in the skin that leads to discoloration.

Melalite cream benefits

Melalite forte cream is used for treatment of cholasma, freckles, lentigines, and post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

Melalite Forte cream side effects

Rub the cream until the cream is absorbed. You should use the cream at least 4 to months before noticing any changes. In comparison to Melalite 15 cream side effects including melalite forte cream is known to be safer. For any kind of hyper sensitive skin melalite forte cream side effects can be worse. So stop using the cream and consult dermatologists before you apply the cream on your skin.

Buy Melalite Forte cream online

Melalite forte cream is one of the famous hydroquinone creams that you can purchase from the internet. They are available in the market too.

Roidsking offers buying the melalite forte cream online through cheaper prices. They also contain details about how to use the cream on your skin. But first you must test it out on some other parts of your body like near to your ears. In order to apply the melamine forte cream wash your face and dry it and then apply the cream on your skin and rub it in a circle.

Melalite Forte cream price

4% Hydroquinone Melalite Forte skin whitening Cream (strongest) 30 grams costs $22.00.

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