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Hydroquinone over the counter brands

Hydroquinone cream is popular for the removal of hyper pigmentation, age spots, freckles and acne marks. This cream is recommended for adults and children above the age of 12 years. Hydroquinone creams with strength of 2% are generally sold over the counter. There are some creams that have a stronger composition and they require a prescription for being sold. Before you apply hydroquinone cream, you should always take a skin sensitivity test 24 hours before application. The use of the cream is not recommended for breast feeding mothers and pregnant women. If you have plans to become pregnant, you should not use this cream. For pigmentation marks and acne, you should always consult your doctor for medicines or a topical application.

Top 5 Hydroquinone Brands In The Market 

There are many generic and branded creams available in the market today. The following are Best 5 hydroquinone cream brands you can buy in the market. They are popular for the removal of marks and skin lightening-

1. Skinlite ($44.99)-This cream contains 2% hydroquinone and is popular for the treatment of acne, pigmentation and freckles. It also contains 0.25% tretinoin that is a mild skin peel. Another effective ingredient in the cream is mometasone furoate that is not  a strong corticosteroid for skin inflammation and itching.

2. NeoStrata ( $59.99)-This cream has the ability for lightening acne scars and hyperpigmentation. It also has the ability to remove the dead and the dull layers of the skin. Regular use of this cream will ensure you get healthy and fresh skin. The active ingredients in the cream with hydroquinone are gluconolactone and glycolic acid. 

3. Generic Tri Luma Cream($124.99)- This cream has a combination of topical corticosteroid and the depigmentation agent along with keratolytic. It is effective for short term and lone term treatment of melasma.

4. Melalite Forte 4%($74.99)- Melalite Forte cream has the dual power of hydroquinone and tretonin combined together. It is a skin bleaching cream and works effectively against age spots, unwanted freckles, liver spots, melasma and sun spots. It enhances the complexion of the skin and inhibits the production of excess skin pigmentation.

5. Ultraquin 4% ($49.99)- This cream helps people to lighten scars and acne marks caused due to pregnancy, birth control pills, hormone medicines and skin injuries. It is a very powerful skin bleaching cream and popular across the world.

Where Can You Buy Hydroquinone Creams?

The above brands of hydroquinone cream are available online and in local stores. You can place orders for the cream on Amazon, Walmart, eBay and other prominent websites on the Internet. When you are buying this cream, you should read the product description of the cream carefully. There are both generic and reputed brands where hydroquinone is mixed with other ingredients for skin bleaching and lightening. Online stores like Walmart, Amazon and eBay help you to find both generic and branded creams. You can place your orders on these websites and have the creams shipped and delivered to your home without hassles at all.

Where to buy hydroquinone cream in UK

Hydroquinone cream Sephora

The hydroquinone cream sephora is actually a dark spot treatment cream which acts rapidly and prevents or fades freckles, age spots and other dark spots. The ingredients of this cream include linalool, disodium EDTA, hydroxyethylcellulose, hydrogenated castor oil, PPG-26-Buteth-26, sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfite, sodium metabisulfite, polyquarternium-10, allantoin, chitosan PCA, grape seed extract, glycerin crosspolymer, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, tocopherol, lecithin, nonoxynol-10, propyl gallate, ascorbic acid, zinc gluconate, betaine, taurine, inositol, trehalose, yeast amino acids, dextran, methyl gluceth-10, glycerin, butylene glycol, glycolic acid, water and fragrance.

The hydroquinone cream sephora is clinically established to minimize the appearance of age spots and sun spots. The chemical hydroquinone is very effective in fading out existing freckles, age spots, and dark spots. The cream also consists of a skin lightening peptide called hexapeptide-2 which stops pigment formation and prevents future damage. Another important ingredient, glycolic acid, is useful for skin exfoliation and helps to remove the dead skin cells. This facilitates the active ingredients to quickly penetrate and produce fast-acting results. This hydroquinone cream does not include harmful additives or chemicals like phthalates and parabens. This cream helps your skin to act and look younger in 3 ways – by helping the skin to attract water; helping the skin to retain water; and also binding water to skin.

This hydroquinone cream should be applied by massaging over hands, chest, neck, and face after daily evening toning and cleansing. To get the best results you can use this product along with a moisturizer. While using this product you should exercise caution because it is meant for the external uses and any contact with eyes should be avoided.

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  2. Nadinola fade cream
  3. Hydroquinone cream Melalite Forte cream

Hydroquinone Cream at Walmart

Modern day common skin conditions

Most of the people of the world these days are suffering from number of skin problems. The reason behind this is the growing pollution. Acne and other skin stimuli are constantly harming our skin producing wounds, pimples, rashers and different skin ignitions.

Skin marks

After you recover from these, while your acne starts clearing up, you are most of the times left with a dark patch on the skin, brown or deep pink in color. These are some marks which refuse to clear up even after a long time. These look very bad on the skin, especially those which are there on the exposed areas of your skin.

Hydroquinone Cream

The hydroquinone cream is an amazing medicated solution in this case which basically solves this entire problem. The cream produces absolutely effective results upon persistent use. The darkening effect is brought to the skin by a friendly substance found in the skin only. That is nothing but our skin pigment melanin, which gives us the skin complexion. The rashes and acne increase the secretion of the enzyme which helps increase melanin production. Hence the skin bears a dark patch.

Hydroquinone cream hinders this enzyme secretion and hence lesser melanin is produced. This results in skin lightening.


Hydroquinone cream at Walmart

Hydroquinone cream at Walmart has cut down on the need of going to the market and searching for a good cream. Walmart.com gives you a wide range of choices among many reputed companies that produce these types of cream. Hydroquinone cream at walmart can also be delivered to your house.

Can I buy Hydroquinone cream at Rite Aid?

Hydroquinone Cream at Rite Aid

The summer brings all the skin problems as a baggage with it. Rashes, skin eruptions, wounds, skin ignitions, pimples- all are the companions of summer. The most harmed in this case is our skin. But we can do little to keep these things away. On top of that, the most awful thing is that after all the skin problems even clear away they leave behind a mark on the skin. Marks on visible skin parts really agitate us a lot. However, we can fight the problem.

Why the marks stay

Before we seek for the solution we need to know the reason properly. The spots on the skin are resulted in because of high melanin production in the skin. Rashes boost up the secretion of the enzyme which increases the production of skin color pigments, melanin. Increasing amount of melanin creates spots on the skin which stays forever.

The solution

Hydroquinone cream halts the enzyme flow and creates hindrances in melanin production. This helps immensely in skin tone lightening and reducing the spots on the skin.

Rite Aid

Hydroquinone Cream at Rite Aid

Rite aid is the pharmacy which has a decent amount of hydroquinone cream supply. Hydroquinone cream Rite Aid has various brands in their stores and all of these brands are of high quality. They also have online shops from which you can choose one that suits you. All these products are over the counter cream and all the hydroquinone cream Rite Aid are of 2% or less concentration. So, all of these are very safe to be bought and used.

How much does hydroquinone cream cost

Price varies from brand to brand and different strength. It can cost between $11 to $250 range.

Hydroquinone cream at CVS

Hydroquinone cream Walgreens

There are many people in the world who complain that they are suffering from a disgusting acne attack followed by the non-curable problem of long lasting scar marks on the visible portions of your skin. There have been a lot beauty products and bleaching cream in the market which have failed reportedly.

The Medicated solution

All you need to do to get rid of this pressing problem is to try to solve it through a medicated method. Hydroquinone cream is medicinal treatment which can help reducing the skin tone and lightening the marks on your skin. Hydroquinone creams have the power to stop the secretion of the enzyme which helps in producing melanin. Melanin is the pigmentation which depicts our skin complexion. Reduction in the enzyme secretion results in decreased melanin production. It helps lighten the skin tone clearing up the scar marks.


There are two types of hydroquinone creams depending on the hydroquinone concentration in each. Melanin is a very helpful particle as these are produced in order to fight the UV Rays radiated from the sun. So, a decrease in the melanin production is not going to do any good to our skin health apart from making it look fairer. So, use of more concentrated hydroquinone is not recommended unless there is utter necessity.

Hydroquinone cream over the counter walgreens

Hydroquinone cream Walgreens

However, Walgreens offer you hydroquinone cream of 2% strength or lesser and these do not require a prescription to be acquired. These are mostly over the counter creams. It is advisable to acquire this from Hydroquinone cream over the counter Walgreens for safe use.

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