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Hydroquinone Cream in Taiwan

Erokroma skin lightener cream 4% is a product that is similar to the Hydroquinone. The product is known in Taiwan Eukroma skin lightener cream that contains Hydroquinone as an active ingredient. The manufacturers of the cream are the Yash Pharma laboratories. This is a skin lightning product mostly made and used in Taiwan. It is mostly well known to be similar to Hydroquinone. Each tube will cost you $23 with 1 tube. Two and three tubes will cost you 40.25 and $57.50 respectively.

There are other manufacturers of skin whitening cream that works well with lightening your skin including Hychine Ointment (Hydroquinone), refely cream with Hydroquinone, dexamethasone, tretinoin. Most of the contents of the skin include hydroquinone more than any other contents. You should use this product when there are melasma, chloasma, freckles, senite lentigines, and unwanted areas of melanin and hyperpigmentation. Take these pills if they are only prescribed by the doctor.

Some of the well known manufacturers of this hydroquinone cream in Taiwan include Herdsman Enterprises Co. Ltd, Fancy & Trend Ent. Co., Ltd., Visgeneer, Inc., Pemay Biomedical Technology Corp., DIAMANA International, Hann Ru Enterprise Co., Ltd, Hoyden Enterprise Co., Ltd, Royal-G Enterprise Co., Ltd., First Canned Food (Thai) Co., Ltd, Chin Kao Industry Co., Ltd.

  • Avoid any kind of contact with the eyes and other mucous membranes.
  • Adverse reactions include untreated bacterial, fungal or viral skin lesions or pregnancy and lactation.
  • The packaging is found in two bottle sizes including 5gm and 20 gms. 

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Hydroquinone in New Zealand

Hydroquinone in New Zealand

Hydroquinone is a bleaching cream that has many ingredients. Some of them are more effective than the others. Some of the skin lightening agents may be as follows:-

  • Hydroquinone
  • Topical retinoid
  • Botanicals
  • Other agents
  • Topical corticosteroids
  • Mercury

Hydroquinone for lightening skin areas and dark spots

The Hydroquinone is known to be working on lightening skin areas including freckles, chloasma and age spots and acne scars. In the country – newzealand hydroquinone is a registered pharmacy only medicine in cream containing hydroquinone with only 2% concentrations. Some doctor’s offices may sell other brands with concentrations of 4%. Hydroquinone works through decreasing the production and increasing of the breakdown of melanosomes in the skin’s pigment cells. It does this by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase and the enzyme to require for melanin.

Effectiveness of Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone is effective where in most cases the lightening of the skin can be seen after 4 weeks of treatment. If you are not able to see any change without any beaching effect after 3 months of treatment, you should not be using hydroquinone. To increase the effectiveness of hydroquinone you should stay out of the sun or wear protective clothing and use SPF 15+ sunscreen when outdoors. Refrain from using any kind of sunlamps or tanning salons. Is it important to use hydroquinone regularly as directed until you achieve the required bleaching that you want?

Side effects of using the hydroquinone

Hydroquinone cream can be tolerated. Some women might experience minor and temporary skin irritations including mild itching and stinging or even reddening of the skin. If they do not subside stop using the cream. Side effects that should make you stop using the cream and seeking medical advice that includes itching, burning, crusting and many other symptoms on your skin.

Can you buy hydroquinone over the counter?
1. Hydroquinone cream Japan
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Hydroquinone cream in Korea

There are many manufacturing companies that make the Hydroquinone cream for skin whitening and removing dark spots. Each bottle will cost you around $4 to $5 for each piece. They started making the product in Seoul, South Korea. The product works as anti-aging, wrinkle lifting, skin lightening and moisturizing skin cream.  Some of the major specifications include high quality snail extraction cream; it is made in Korea, an anti-wrinkle cream, at affordable prices.

There is skin whitening bleaching cream lotion that has hydroquinone that holds up to 8oz. The price of the 8oz bottle is only $29 and with 14.30 shipping in first class USPS mail international. You are bound to get the product in the period of 14 to 15 days. As far as returning policy is concerned, money can be refunded within 30 days. All that the customer has to pay is return shipping. They encourage PayPal and receive money through it. The product ships worldwide.

Using hydroquinone might have some side effects, but this product is the only product that can lighten your skin. You apply just a little dose of Hydroquinone 2%. This is a tried and tested product that goes deep and helps in lightening your skin. Avoid any kind of sun exposure. The product is best used at night time only. The product is safe and easy to use. Along with this, you can use a bleaching formula with Hydroquinone. Use hydroxyquinone and also a bleaching formula with the Hydroquinone cream.

Hydroquinone cream Japan

Hydroquinone cream Japan

The cream is also known as the White Rush Spot Removing Hydroquinone cream that has a priced at US$15.84 – $18.28/unit. The cream is made in Japan itself through companies that work with skin creams and gels like the Hydroquinone. This cream can actually help in lightening and whitening dark circles or spots on your face or your body. They are mostly known to work well with adults. Keep it away from the reach of your children. The hydroquinone cream is mostly used in the night.

This works well with women who has freckles and spots, and have darkening skin. It is effective on skin that has no makeup. After face wash and towel dry, take some amount of cream through a cotton swab and apply on the spot. Once the cream gets dry, you can apply lotion on it. The cream is best used at night before you go to bed as this is a night care cream. If you are using the cream in the morning, use a sun block to protect yourself from the sun.

Some f the ingredients of this cream consists of vitamin A, bilberry extract, sugarcane and orange extract that works on your skin function as they should bring beauty and nourishment of your skin and without melanin pigment growth.  They are use in small amounts since the cream has a very strong reaction on your skin. Collagen and Hyaluronic acid helps supply moisture and firmness to smooth skin texture. Hydroquinone does not let go off melanization.

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