Hydroquinone cream Lustra

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Hydroquinone cream Lustra is actually a 4 percent hydroquinone cream that is used for the treatment of hyperpigmentation conditions of skin. The blotches and dark spots that appear on the skin due to inadequate hormone levels in the body, overexposure to UV light or sunlight, or any kind of skin damage are referred to as hyperpigmentation. Apart from the hyperpigmentation disorder Lustra is also useful in treating post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, age spots, and Melasma. When used properly, Lustra help to fading away blemishes and spots and also to restore the even tone of your skin.

Hydroquinone is the chief chemical constituent of hydroquinone cream Lustra. Hydroquinone is actually the organic compound which is derived from benzene.  This chemical compound is also known as p-dihydroxybenzene and is marketed in various forms like soaps, lotions, gels, and creams for “whitening” or “lightening” the skin. For effectively treating post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, age spots and Melasma, hydroquinone has been effectively used for ages.

Hydroquinone cream Lustra is offered in two different formulations called the Lustra AF and Lustra. In order to help in improving the skin coloration by fading blotches and dark spots, both the formulations have 4 percent hydroquinone. The damage caused by free radicals can speed up aging process in humans. These free radicals are generally caused due to exposure to environment pollutants and the sun. To protect the skin from these free radicals, Lustra AF and Lustra have antioxidant systems which utilize vitamins E and C. Lustra products contain moisturizers which help you in maintaining skin clarity and suppleness. Glycolic acid present in Lustra products helps in enhancing skin exfoliation.

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