Alternatives to hydroquinone cream

Prescription hydroquinone 4% is legally prescribed in the United States. Other products include ingredients from Tri-luma, which is best in business. Lustra AF and Aclero are also known readily available. They have some safety concern about Hydroquinone as it is not available in many European countries. OTC products contain Hydroquinone at 2% including Ambi Fading cream, Neo Strat HQ and alpha Hydrox. There are many other creams but the hydroquinone is the best of the lot.

One of the alternatives includes Azelaic Acid that is a chemical compound that is made from barley, rye or wheat and is a common ingredient in the skin. They are also used to treat acme related problems. Studies in Philippines and South America have revealed that 20% azelaic acids that caused the skin irritation caused through compound Hydroquinone.

Kojic Acid is produced from fermented rice and fungus such as mushrooms and is a chemical compound that can help lighten melasma caused through excess pigmentation in the skin.

Malic acid is also an effective alternative to hydroquinone. The chemical substance is derived from pears and apples that have an exfoliating alpha hydroxy acid. It helps in reducing pigmented spots and areas on the upper layer of your skin. The dead cells are exfoliated gently, that makes your skin look clean and whiter.

Arbutin is an also a skin care ingredient that is derived through the leaves of the Mulberry, Cranberry, and blueberry plants. This product is known to be a natural form of hydroquinone and works similar to hydroquinone by suppressing the production of excess melanin.

Hydroquinone cream side effects