An overview on hydroquinone

What is hydroquinone cream


Hydroquinone is a chemical product in the form of complex crystalline. It is basically used in the skin care products. Pigmentation can be removed with the help of a cream with hydroquinone. Quinol is another name used for hydroquinone. It has a scent base in it. 2% of hydroquinone is used in the skin lightening cream. If the user needs to use a cream with more than 2% concentration, then it is advised to have a prescription.

It is generally used for lightening cream, age spots, freckles, Discoloration of the skin, birth control pills, therapy of hormone replacement. Hydroquinone is a skin bleaching products that is mainly used for skin lightening. The enzyme present in the hydroquinone causes reaction with the skin cell in order to lighten the skin.

What is hydroquinone cream used for? Use of hydroquinone cream for pigmentation and Melanin

Skin is made of a pigment called Melanin. It helps us to protect our skin from UV rays. Staying long in the sun can cause excess production of the melanin. It can cause a lot of harm to the skin. It usually darkens the skin. It is seen that the people with the light skin has lesser amount of melanin in them. Meanwhile dark skinned person has more number of melanin in the skin.

Skin Lightening cream for hyper pigmentation

How does hydroquinone lighten skin? Hyper pigmentation can create an uneven skin tone. Age spots, sun damage and pigmentation can be seen due to this hyper pigmentation. Hydroquinone is one of the most effective products used in the skin lightening cream. It helps to lighten the skin. Discoloration of the skin can be reduced as well with the help of hydroquinone in the skin lightening cream. It helps to reduce the production of melanin in the skin as well.

Varieties of hydroquinone cream

Hydroquinone is generally found in the skin lightening creams or lotion. It is also found in the bleaching products all over the world. It helps to lighten the skin and reduce various kinds of skin problems without therapy. Medical procedure used for skin lightening is very costly. Therefore it is a cost effective product as well. Skin problems can become worsen if it is not treated properly at the right time.

How long does it take to work?

FDA has limited the use of hydroquinone in the skin lightening cream at 2%. Therefore you should notice the amount of hydroquinone used in the product. It is advisable to use hydroquinone cream in small proportion. If there is a reaction in the face due to use of hydroquinone cream then you should discontinue. Hydroquinone cream is generally used in the normal skin. Hydroquinone cream for skin lightening should be used twice a day in order to lighten the skin within three weeks of time.

  • You should clean the area properly before applying skin lightening cream with hydroquinone in the designated area.
  • The cream should be massaged properly in order to get desired effect.
  • It should be applied on the darken skin in order to get back normal skin.
  • You should wash your hand before the application.

Hydroquinone Cream Strengths
1. Hydroquinone Cream 4%