Hydroquinone cream while on Accutane

Can you use hydroquinone cream while on accutane?

While on hydroquinone, it is recommended not to use accutane. Hydroquinone will make your skin dry and is not a good idea at all. Your skin will appear drier as you continue your accutane course. Your skin will clear slowly and dry as you continue to use accutane course. Since accutane dries your skin, there are many side effects of a hydroquinone is irritation. Both medications should be avoided at the same time. Once you top using the accutane and your skin is no longer dry you can think of using hydroquinone. Once you have used accutane, you will have to wait at least 6 months to a year. For everything else it is almost the same time. You should be able to use hydroquinone or just accutane separately. Do not use them all together; it’s either accutane or Hydroquinone.

How long after accutane can you use hydroquinone?

You have to wait for 6 months once you have been using accutane. Hydroquinone would have some side effects that will be negative. They can cause skin cancer, Rosacea and more. So be careful and talk to your doctor before using the hydroquinone. It is known that Hydroquinone is a carcinogen and causes cancer when used for a long period of time. Licore extract is much safer skin bleach. There are many other things for red marks that you could use that do not include bleaching.

Hydroquinone is harsh on your skin. You can otherwise consider using gels that has no side effects at all as claimed by many physicians.

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