Hydroquinone cream Walgreens

There are many people in the world who complain that they are suffering from a disgusting acne attack followed by the non-curable problem of long lasting scar marks on the visible portions of your skin. There have been a lot beauty products and bleaching cream in the market which have failed reportedly.

The Medicated solution

All you need to do to get rid of this pressing problem is to try to solve it through a medicated method. Hydroquinone cream is medicinal treatment which can help reducing the skin tone and lightening the marks on your skin. Hydroquinone creams have the power to stop the secretion of the enzyme which helps in producing melanin. Melanin is the pigmentation which depicts our skin complexion. Reduction in the enzyme secretion results in decreased melanin production. It helps lighten the skin tone clearing up the scar marks.


There are two types of hydroquinone creams depending on the hydroquinone concentration in each. Melanin is a very helpful particle as these are produced in order to fight the UV Rays radiated from the sun. So, a decrease in the melanin production is not going to do any good to our skin health apart from making it look fairer. So, use of more concentrated hydroquinone is not recommended unless there is utter necessity.

Hydroquinone cream over the counter walgreens

Hydroquinone cream Walgreens

However, Walgreens offer you hydroquinone cream of 2% strength or lesser and these do not require a prescription to be acquired. These are mostly over the counter creams. It is advisable to acquire this from Hydroquinone cream over the counter Walgreens for safe use.

Hydroquinone cream OTC” and “Hydroquinone cream prescription

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