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How did michael jackson lighten his skin

michael jackson light skin

Michael Jackson used Hydroquinone and Benoquin like creams to achieve whiteness or becoming pale skinned after application regularly from time to time. He also underwent a lot of whitening procedures that make him look what he was. The results were phenomenal, but never good in the long run. His apartment was searched with search warrants obtained from Entertainment tonight that reveals that at this time of his death, there were several Hydroquinone and Benoquin that were used by him was found in the closet hidden by Michael himself. There were 19 tubes of hydroquinone and 18 tubes of benoquin, both of which were used in the process of whitening skin in treatment of vitiligo.

He has been known to suffer for vitiligo a disease that causes loss of skin pigmentation over time. The daily mail notes that among the effects of Jackson were up for auction were also the prescription medication that contained hydroquinone, a chemical that was used to lighten skin. Jackson’s condition has been natural though. Michael Jackson was bleaching his skin for cosmetic purposes including undergoing several plastic surgeries that made him change while he was young and vibrant as he used to be. The hydroquinone was a treatment purpose for vitiligo. So he might have said the truth when he claimed about his skin condition. Vitiligo results in white patches in to the skin as hydroquinone can be used to treat his skin disease. It helps in bleaching out the skin to balance his skin color and looks, but ended up looking ghastly.

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