Hydroquinone Cream is safe during pregnancy?

You should refrain from using the hydroquinone while you are pregnant. It is a category C drug that is known to having side effects in animals. But side effects are known to cause in animals and not humans. But you should still not take the risk that is completely known in humans. It’s better not to take a risk by using the hydroquinone cream while you are pregnant. It might have some untested side effects that you might not have known before application. Hydroquinone should only be used under proper supervision of the doctor or dermatologist who can advise you on this matter about proper usage, length of use, and possible side-effects.

It is better to use the cream after the baby is born. This way you do not have to worry about the side effects. Avoid any kind of unnecessary medications while you are pregnant and breast feeding too. Such kind of medication will only interfere with the early stage development. Hydroquinone is a C category drug as for pregnancy by the FDA which means that it might cause some harm to the fetus in the form of malfunctions. The company manufacturing this drug will insist on not using it while you are pregnant.

Firstly use sun block or SPF of at least 30. Daily application of the sun block will help prevent both pre-mature aging and lower the odds of developing melasma. Secondly look for products that contain kojic acid or Azelic acid that are more natural and safe. Finally apply topical vitamin C which helps suppress pigment and finally do a chemical peel that will make the melasma or other brown spots disappear.

Hydroquinone cream and early pregnancy

“is hydroquinone safe for face while breastfeeding?”

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