Hydroquinone cream in India

Where can I get Hydroquinone cream in India

Hydroquinone is a skin whitening product that is sold all over the world. Selling hydroquinone has been controversial in many countries, thus them getting banned in many countries. They also treat acne scars very well. For many years now it is being discouraged to treat people with such a cream that has severe side effects once applied on the skin.

How the product works?

The cream works similar to kojic acid through bycleansing melanin formation by inhabiting enzyme tyrosinase. It is also toxic to melanocytes and kills them through skin ageing. But it is also a stronger hyperpigmentation agent. It generates free radicals and thus contributes to skin ageing.


Hydroquinone is available from 2 to 5% topical cream over the counter alone with a combination of tretinoin, hydrocortisone, kojic acid or glycolic acid. Brand names: Melacare, Melalite, Cosmelite to name just a few. It works on hyper pigmentation, freckles, age spots, acne scars, chloasma, melasma.


It is applied topically through affected areas. Do not use it if it has not been prescribed by your physician or your doctor. Any kind of contact with unaffected areas can lead to undesirable skin pigmentation.


  • They are never used if there is a chance of sunburn, or an open wound.
  • Using sun block while getting out in the sun, doing a patch test on a small area under your ears to check for irritation.
  • Do not apply near eyes and mouth.
  • Avoid contact through harsh products that might causes irritation like face washes, hair dyes and color, hair removal creams and waxing.
  • Consult a physician for proper dosages.

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