Hydroquinone cream for pimple marks

Cream for pimple scars

The worst cases that affect both our beauty and health in a great way are skin problems. And amongst them the most common is pimple. Mostly during summer days, pimples erupt here and there in our skin. After some days of proper care, they vanish but not before leaving permanent mark on the skin.

Why pimples leave scars

The skin eruptions stimulate the secretion of the enzyme tyrosinase. This enzyme causes the production of melanin. Melanin is the color pigment in our skin which is responsible for determining our skin complexion. So, even after the pimple is gone, the melanin creation darkens the area of our skin where the pimple stood. The mark does not fade away easily as it is created by skin pigment itself.

How to get rid of pimple scars

It is advisable to use hydroquinone cream for pimple marks. This cream has a considerable amount of hydroquinone concentration which enters the skin and hinders the secretion of tyrosinase. As a result melanin production stops bringing an abrupt discoloration to the skin tone. A lightened skin tone also helps to lighten the pimple marks and with time to remove it permanently.

How to apply hydroquinone for acne scars

It is very important to remember that hydroquinone cream for pimple marks has side effects. So, these should be used only on the affected areas and with break. You should talk to a doctor before using hydroquinone cream for pimple marks. The concentration of hydroquinone in the c ream should be advised and monitored by a doctor only.

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