Hydroquinone cream for oily skin

A lot of us who have an oily skin suffer from great skin problems. Oily skins attract the particles of dust and outside pollutant towards itself and the dust particles which stick to the skin refuses to go away even after several wash. This problem results in a lot of skin eruptions like rashes, pimples and all. Even if you try to keep your skin oil free, the marks of the skin rashes that you acquire tend to last for long.

Best cream for oily skin

The only solution to the problem is using hydroquinone cream for oily skin. Use those of 2% strength as these are available over the counter. This helps you keep away the unwanted marks on your skin.

These creams should be utilized for external use only. The recommendable are those one which give you sunscreen protection. As, hydroquinone cream for oily skin stops the production of melanin in our skin to remove the marks, sunscreen protection is really needed. Melanin only helps us to fight UV rays of sun. If melanin production is stopped, with out a sun screen guarantee we might run the risk of acquiring skin cancer.


These creams cannot be used on the children who are below 12 years of age (unless the doctor does not advice the same). Remember, hydroquinone cream for oily skin does not prevent sun burn. It just removes the marks that are there on the skin. This cream should be used in a very thin layer on an adult’s skin twice a day for better results.

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