Hydroquinone cream for lichen planus

Best cream for lichen planus

The most disturbing and frustratiing problems that our body can face is skin problems. These are repeatitive and mostly visible. In case of some conditions, even after suffering for a long time, the marks on the skin refuse to go away. Lichen planus is something very much like this. In this case, the cheeks and the temple acquire grey and black patches on the skin. These spots can not be removed easily.

What causes lichen planus

These Lichen planus spots are purely caused because of melanin production in our skin. The melanin is the skin pigment which determines the color complexion in our skin.  This is why the spots refuse to go even after various treatments. These spots take a lot of time to get removed completely. Hence the treatment takes a prolonged time.

Treatment for lichen planus pigmentosus

The hydroquinone cream is a great solution for lichen planus. The hydroquinone cream for lichen planus works perfectly to hinder the production of melanin by putting a stop to the secretion of tyrosinase (This enzyme plays the most essential role in melanin production). As a result the skin tone starts getting lighter hiding the marks and patches of lichen planus eventually.

The best hydroquinone cream for lichen planus is that which are of 4% hydroquinone concentration. These work much better than the 2% ones, which are available over the counter. However, using a 4% hydroquinone cream for lichen planus would require doctor’s prescription. Along with it, the victim also needs to consume Vitamin A tablets.


Avoid regular use of hydroquinone cream for lichen planus without break to avoid other complications and side effects.

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