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List of Hydroquinone Cream over the Counter Brands, Products

With the gradual advancement of the world, pollution is also increasing simultaneously. At the same time, skin problems are also taking a worse form for people. Many skin problems affect our skin every day and even after they get reduced, they leave a mark on the skin. It affects our beauty as well as our health. To get rid of these skin complications it is important to stop the problem from its core.

Why Do The Marks Stay for Long?

The problem with these marks is that they are caused by melanin, a color pigment of our skin only. This is why these marks can not be removed that easily. But there is a solution to this, of course. Hydroquinone cream is very much useful in this case. It stops the production of melanin in turn. This is how it works as the key ingredient of skin whitening creams.

Where Are the Hydroquinone Creams Available?

All these products help fight all kinds of scars and marks on the skin. There are a lot of brands of Hydroquinone available in USA. Most of them are over the counter brands with 2% concentration. You can very easily prepare a list of hydroquinone cream over the counter brands, products. The names are as follows:

  1. Alphaquin HP,
  2. Aclaro PD,
  3. Dermarest Skin,
  4. Claripel,
  5. Eldopaque Forte,
  6. Correcting Cream Plus,
  7. Eldopaque,
  8. Eldoquin,
  9. EpiQuin Micro,
  10. Eldoquin Forte,
  11. Esoterica Nighttime,
  12. Esoterica Daytime,
  13. Lustra-AF,
  14. Glyquin-XM,
  15. Lustra-Ultra,
  16. Glyquin, Lustra,
  17. Melpaque HP,
  18. Melanex, Melquin HP,
  19. NeoStrata AHA,
  20. Melquin-3,
  21. Nuquin HP,
  22. Solaquin Forte,
  23. Palmer’s Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream and Solaquin.

Hydroquinone tretinoin and fluocinolone acetonide cream

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