Hydroquinone cream and early pregnancy

Skin bleaching while pregnant

One of the most frustrating pregnancy skin problems is melasma also called chloasma or pregnancy mask, including patches of dark skin, pigmented skin that appears on the face. Pregnancy mask is related to sunlight exposure and pregnancy hormones. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, women with darker complexions and dark hair are the ones that suffer the most. Darker skin can develop around the nipple area and in between your thighs. Many women are also affected by linea nigra of the line of pregnancy pigmentation problems. There is not specific treatment for pregnancy pigmentation problems, where staying in the sun can definitely diminish the amount discoloration your experience so you can wear a sunscreen anytime you are outdoors.

The discoloration might happen from time to time. It also depends on person to person. These skin lightening ingredients including the hydroquinone during the pregnancy should not be applied on your skin. One can use azelaic acid that is a good pigment with any topical vitamin C product. This also helps in suppressing pigment naturally. She also recommends phytocorrective gel through Skinceuticles, that can suppress the pigment and also by Aveeno soy-based products. Their photostabalized sunscreen contains soy that helps in lightening pigment lesions on the skin.

Can you use hydroquinone cream while pregnant

If this doesn’t work, you can cover pregnancy mask with a high pigment concealer or foundation. They also use Aveeno based soy products. They have a photostabalized sunscreen that contains soy that can help whiten your skin. If you select light shade they will give you coverage over larger areas. Use a good moisturizer before putting on your concelaer. It is best to avoid using of bleaching creams while you are pregnant. It is known that skin bleaching creams can cause side effects on animals like birth defects, but not necessarily in humans. But using this during pregnancy is always a no-no.

Hydroquinone cream for age spots


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