Hydroquinone cream Amazon

Hydroquinone Cream in Amazon.com

Hydroquinone cream Amazon
Hydroquinone cream is a medicated solution which helps in lightening the scars on our skin. There are many types of skin stimuli like acne, rashes, wounds and skin ignitions which cause dark patches on the skin bringing in a skin discoloration. These dark patches can be lightened by using this hydroquinone cream.

Types of Hydroquinone cream

Hydroquinone creams can be categorized widely in two types: the first kind has a hydroquinone concentration of 2% or lesser. These are widely used and mostly supported in every skin type. These creams are available over the counter.

The second kind portrays a hydroquinone concentration of beyond 2% (stretching up to 4%). These creams are not easily available. These are only sold against prescription.

How It works

Skin darkening is basically caused by the increased production of melanin, the pigment in our skin that determines our skin tone. Hydroquinone creams decreases the enzyme secretion which plays an essential role in creating Melanin in our skin. As a result production of Melanin also decreases. Hence, skin acquires a lightened tone depending on the existing skin complexion.


Hydroquinone cream is widely used all over the world. The creams which have a 2% or less strength do not require a prescription. If you want to buy them, you could opt for hydroquinone cream Amazon service. Amazon.com is a very reliable website from where you can buy these creams manufactured by reputed companies. For hydroquinone cream Amazon only, you could do away with the necessity of travelling to a shop. They will take your order and ship the product and reach it to your doorway.

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