Hydroquinone cream after chemical peel

Hydroquinone cream after chemical peel

After a chemical peel, you will often find stubborn marks prevailing. It is here that you should bank on the benefits of hydroquinone cream. Hydroquinone cream is a skin bleaching cream used mainly for hyperpigmentation, skin tone lightening and removal of acne scars or freckles. You are able to find this medicine at pharmacies both local and online. Products that have a hydroquinone concentration less than 2% in their products are medicines however products that have a hydroquinone percentage of 8% to 20% need to be prescribed by a doctor.

Hydroquinone cream after fraxel

When you have had a fraxel treatment, you can start using hydroquinone the same day for making the marks fade away. This cream is effective for the treatment of post inflammatory pigmentation. It inhibits tyrosinase. The patient should in addition to the hydroquinone cream also use a very good sunscreen.

Hydroquinone cream after laser

Doctors also recommend patients using hydroquinone cream when it comes to laser surgeries on the face. The patient is advised to use the cream twice daily for getting desired results. The concentration of hydroquinone in the cream depends on the nature and the severity of the problem.

Possible side effects Of hydroquinone

When you are using hydroquinone cream, side effects may occur. You may experience redness, mild burning, stinging, dryness and redness. In case the above symptoms persist or even become worse, you should consult your pharmacist or doctor promptly. If the medicine has been prescribed by the doctor, he or she has recommended the benefits of the product for you and this overrules the side effects. There are some people that use this product but they may not experience any side effects of the product at all. When you are using hydroquinone, you should tell your doctor immediately about them.

The common side effects are blistering, skin cracking and the blue-black darkening of the skin. There are seldom cases where people experience a very serious reaction to this drug. However, you should seek immediate medical attention if you tend to notice any symptoms that are prone to cause a serious allergic reaction to the product. This includes itching, rash, and swelling, trouble in breathing and serious dizziness. The above is not the complete list of side effects that are experienced. There can be other side effects too and if you notice them, you should contact your pharmacist or doctor.

When you are applying hydroquinone, you should clean the area and dry it first. The cream needs to be rubbed in well. The treatment generally takes four weeks for you to see visible results. However, after four weeks if the symptoms are the same, you should ensure that you visit a doctor and get yourself checked. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding a baby, you should not use this product. When you are using hydroquinone creams with strong concentrations, you should take a skin sensitivity test.

There are many brands of hydroquinone creams. When you are looking for them, you should check their reviews on websites and compare them before buying.

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